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Behavioral Health Building Study

About the project

Project details
Size 63,863 SF
Location Illinois
Firm Role Planning

PFB was commissioned to review / revise a 66-bed hospital space program for completeness and appropriateness, and provide an accurate project (construction and “soft”) cost estimate for a new behavioral health facility. PFB then designed two plan studies based on the programmatic, costing, and site needs.

Comparing the options of renovating the hospital’s existing facilities versus building a replacement Behavioral Health Pavilion (BHP), PFB determined that a replacement pavilion will achieve the desired clinical functional model that cannot be met by renovating the existing building, will provide an entirely new image for the hospital, and will reduce current energy consumption. The savings on energy and infrastructure maintenance would cover the difference between renovation versus a new building in 13 years.

New Hospital Program Assumptions:

Inpatient: Outpatient:
Child / Adolescent 18 beds Child Clinic 20-24 children
Adult 14 beds Adolescent Clinic 30 children
Adult High Acuity 14 beds Adult Clinic 14 adults
Geriatric 14 beds Other Clinics Addictions, Geriatric, ADHA
Adult Major Acute 6 beds
Total Inpatient 66 beds

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