Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center

Radiology Department

About the project

Project details
Size 44,730 SF
Location Joliet, IL
Firm Role Planning | SD | DD | CD | CA
Cost $13.8M

The reorganization of the existing Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center Radiology Department included 39,200 square feet of renovation and a 5,500 square feet addition. This $13.8 million dollar project was delivered in phases in order to maintain existing operations.

The two major challenges were keeping the Radiology Department operational and being precise on the order and delivery of medical equipment. Installation and equipment activation was critical, so coordination was well-planned to avoid medical equipment sitting on trucks or in the room waiting for activation.

The Radiology Department Imaging Unit included 5 radiographic rooms, 2 fluoroscopy rooms, 3 mammography rooms, 3 CT rooms, 1 special procedures room, 4 nuclear medicine rooms, 4 ultra sound rooms, 1 bone density room, 1 stereotactic room, a medical records area, patient support, transcription offices, and patient holding areas.

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