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Our interior projects include medical office buildings, ambulatory care facilities, hospitals, senior living facilities, and corporate headquarters, as well as specialized interior work including physical therapy, laboratories, dental clinics, behavioral health centers, and diagnostic and testing suites. We understand how to make your workplace a strategic resource that, in turn, enables you to achieve your business goals and objectives.

Furniture, Fixture, and Equipment, or FF&E, includes all movable furniture, fixtures, and other equipment in the architectural industry that have no connection to the physical structure of a building or its utilities. These movable objects found in a facility’s interior can include chairs, desks, computers, tables, and bookcases, to name a few.

At PFB Architects, we have access to the manufacturing industry, which allows us to make the best choices possible for each of our projects. Our professional services include the Management of Furniture Procurement and offer Design Services for Artwork / Accessories and Window Treatments.

Our FF&E services are organized into three phases: Product Selection / Design, Bid Package, and Management of Installation. We discuss these phases at length in the following tabs.

In our first phase, Product Selection and Design, we work with the campus to document existing artwork and accessories to be relocated, and identify their new locations on floorplans. We also make necessary selections for new artwork and accessories. We may also design custom window treatments for the common area.

The second phase is where we assemble bid packages. Within this phase, we are able to control the bid analysis, track orders, and manage installation. During the Bid Analysis Phase, we review bids and individual bid tabs; we also provide product substitutions, if necessary, and review the substitutions with the owner. Our second phase is dedicated to tracking orders; weekly communication with the awarded bidder(s) from tracking the ship dates for all products on the bid tab.

The third phase is where we coordinate the installation timetable with awarded bidder(s). We provide daily site supervision during the full duration of delivery and installation. We follow-up with the awarded bidder for any damaged / missing products and perform a punch-list at substantial completion of installation. We will schedule a final walk through with the owner.

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Interiors Services.

To meet the needs of your project, our dedicated staff of interior designers offer the following services:
- Facility Needs Assessment
- Space Planning
- Material and Color Selections
- Furniture Selection & Procurement
- Furniture and Finishes Standards
- Art Selection
- Exterior and Interior Signage
- Renderings

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