Market Sector

Senior Living

We consider Senior Living Design one of our specialties and a key market sector. We take pride in our familiarity with senior living trends and community goals.

Today’s senior living communities provide a broad range of resources, services, and programs to enhance individual and community wellness. Communities are designed to foster independence and maintain a consistent level of activity.

Today’s “New Senior”:
- Is more youthful, active, educated
- Wants more value for their dollar
- Looks for more choices in their daily lifestyle
- Is more focused on health, wellness, and fitness
- Wants entertainment, options, activities, and programs on- and off-site
- Looks for educational and personal growth opportunities
- Wants high-speed access to technology
- Seeks opportunities to continue to serve in society

We recognize and anticipate the identifiable trends in Senior Housing.

Larger Resident Units – the units will accommodate family members in a comfortable setting, and this trend continues towards multiple room accommodations.

Family-Oriented Facilities – areas will be developed within the communities to accommodate more friends, families, and group activities than ever before.

Market Competition Will Drive Facility Upgrades – clear entry and circulation, outreach and wellness programs, quality of environment, and movement of services to residents will all become program drivers of new communities.

Information Technology Systems – will allow registration, security, reception, care delivery, and resident monitoring to be more efficient, resident-friendly, and safe.

Aging-In-Place Options – will become more prevalent as independent living mimics more and more assisted living features, sometimes even hospice.

PFB has a history of success in turning community renovation into an investment rather than an expense.

Many of our clients seek to add value to their existing senior living facilities through renovation. PFB assists our clients in identifying where the greatest value-adds would be through design. Value can manifest in increasing or retaining market share, as well as the resale value of the facility. Property ownership timeframe can also influence renovation scope and total investment.

Through our depth of Senior Living experience, PFB can work collaboratively to recommend renovation scope. This may range from a paint re-fresh to a full reconfiguration of the town center amenity space. Brand standards can also play a significant part in defining where dollars should be spent.

What are we aiming to achieve?

Successful renovations create contemporary spaces with a high-end hospitality look and feel. Through proper selection and specification, this can be accomplished in a very cost-effective manner.

The result: a highly-marketable space that can increase the value of your existing facility.

Below is a potential scope of services that could be used to generate value add scenarios for renovation projects:

Low Cost, High Value Upgrades

  • Corridor and stairwell finishes (flooring, paint, and new ceiling tiles)
  • Unit finishes
  • Common area light fixtures to LED
  • Furniture replacement
  • Artwork replacement
  • Exterior cleaning and re-fresh (decorative exterior trim)

Medium Cost Infrastructure Upgrades (resident comfort and needs)

  • Common area HVAC for aged facilities
  • Elevator modernization (from cab finishes to current code compliance)
  • Exterior openings (windows and doors) in aged facilities
  • Resident mobility (power-assist doors, autodoor operators, accessibility)

High Cost, High Impact, High Visibility Upgrades (most marketable)

  • Common Living, Dining, and amenity spaces modernized with a high-end hospitality aesthetic
  • Remove eyesores (re-imagining under-utilized outdoor spaces that have not been maintained)
  • Monumental signage (improving facility presence at primary entry points)