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From simple site planning to complex land master planning, PFB and a team of specialty consultants can guide you through the planning and entitlement process. We have specialists in nearly every type of land development project who can provide valuable insight throughout the planning process. We are your resource for planning, landscape, and urban design solutions.

As a group of committed and diverse professionals, we transcend geographical boundaries and collaborate across disciplines, working together to create the best solutions for you.
- extensive healing gardens
- living roofs
- sustainable storm water management
- regulatory approvals and permits
- parking demand and capacity analyses
- public outreach and community facilitation

We know what it takes to bring a project from concept to reality, and we're able to work with community groups, zoning boards, and permitting offices to make this process happen. We are visionary in our ideas, realistic in our approach, and committed to the goal of creating communities that will withstand the test of time.

Creating Communities

Planning Services.

To meet the needs of your project, our dedicated staff of planners offer the following services:
- Site Selection
- Site Planning
- Building Programming
- Master Planning
- Space Planning
- Feasibility Studies
- LEED / Sustainable Design & Planning
- Life Safety Plans

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