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McLoughlin Place

Private Developer | McLoughlin Place

Project details
Scope: Exterior Refresh
Interior Amenities
Location: Oregon City, OR
Firm Role: Planning | SD | DD | CD | CA | FFE

McLoughlin Place offers Assisted Living and Memory Care in the Portland, OR area. This renovation offers a next-generation experience, with updated architecture and design creating welcoming hospitality, amenities, activities, and services.

A tired, dated lobby is reworked to improve
functionality, visually modernize, and create a sense of place for the facility. Once merely the access-point to a long, winding corridor, opening walls creates a vista of possibility. A curved reception desk is replaced with an angled stone and live-edge wood millwork, directing circulation flows into the opened Dining and Activity Rooms beyond a new see-through feature water wall. This branded feature wall is the focal point as you enter the building, while also providing the Lobby, Dining Room, and Activity Room with a calming sight and soothing sounds.

The Dining Room featured a beautiful, vaulted ceiling that was a hidden treasure. With the walls removed and columns wrapped in stacked stone, the soaring, vaulted ceiling now springs into view from the lobby.

Now the hub of activity, the new Dining Room offers a bistro with beverage service as well as offering general store items for purchase, within view of the main corridor. The Bistro becomes an anchor to the Dining Room and can be seen from the Lobby and Reception.

Warm tones of stone and wood accent the existing beams, and create a calm and inviting environment for residents and staff alike.

The Memory Care Dining and Activity room was an odd configuration, with an existing linear serving station blocking access to the outdoor Memory Care Courtyard. By relocating the serving station and designing it to feel like a residential kitchen, the space becomes more usable and less institutional. Wood and stone from the Lobby are carried through to this space, and the peninsula offers a serving zone for staff as well as a seated area for residents. A painted soffit above the peninsula with pendant lights visually separates that zone from the main dining area and breaks up the sea of acoustic ceiling.

The cool blue and orange-hued wood in the room are replaced with warm, earthy tones to create a sense of home and calm. Spindly structural columns are furred out to have more visual weight and help separate serving from dining.

Existing exterior windows to the courtyard were replaced with lockable sliding doors, allowing residents easier access to an expanded MC Courtyard with patio dining.

In addition to the extensive scope of the Commons renovation, the community received resident corridor and unit finish upgrades in both campus buildings, and an unused parcel of land was converted into a resident community garden for outdoor planting and reflection.

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