Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital

HVAC Upgrade at Building 200

About the project

Project details
Location Hines, IL
Firm Role Planning | SD | DD | CD | CA
Cost $15M

The HVAC upgrade to Building 200 at Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital involved the following:

Project Scope
PHASE I: Documentation, Analysis, and Report
PHASE II: Prepare Master Plan and Design Standards
PHASE III: Design Services
PHASE IV: Commissioning Services

Basement and First Floor Options
- Reduce impact on day-to-day operations
- How to replace with a high-efficiency system
- Provide winter cooling & increase plant capacity

Tower Options
- New units on each floor / eliminate perimeter units
- New units on roof with provisions to change type
- New units on roof/penthouse with new duct shafts
- New above-ceiling units with dedicated air from penthouse units
- Replacement of current units with heat pumps

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